Cortex-A55 Processor

16.12.2019 06:38
 Cortex-A55 Processor

Efficient performance for all forms of computing

The ARM Cortex-A55 processor is a market-leading CPU that delivers the best combination of power efficiency and performance in its class. It is part of the first generation of application CPUs based on DynamIQ technology and features the latest ARMv8-A architecture extensions, with dedicated machine learning instructions. 

The Cortex-A55 incorporates an extensively redesigned microarchitecture system that improves performance across the board while being very competitive in area and power efficiency. It delivers up to 18% more performance at 15% better power efficiency when compared to its predecessor, the Cortex-A53. 

Designed to be an extremely scalable CPU, the versatile Cortex-A55 can be used to address a wide range of applications with diverging cost, from the edge to the cloud. The Cortex-A55 can be implemented in both stand-alone applications or as a ‘LITTLE’ CPU to the Cortex-A75 with DynamIQ big.LITTLE.

Key benefits

Broad market application

The Cortex-A55 processor is designed for extreme scalability to meet the requirements across multiple markets, while delivering great performance and efficiency for immersive experiences. With over 3000 unique design configurations, the Cortex-A55 CPU can be tailored to your application, be it at the edge, the cloud, or anything in between.

Breakthrough performance

The Cortex-A55 delivers significantly higher performance than the Cortex-A53 across the board, including integer (+18%), floating point (+20%), NEON SIMD (+40%), JavaScript (+15%), and memory (200%) workloads. This boost in performance provides more responsive user interactions for all touchscreen-based devices, higher bandwidth in infrastructure systems, and higher reaction speeds in autonomous automotive.

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Superior efficiency

Featuring an extensive microarchitecture redesign, the Cortex-A55 processor is able to achieve breakthrough performance, while maintaining similar levels of power and 15% better power efficiency than the Cortex-A53. The efficiency gain enables the Cortex-A55 to deliver higher sustained performance for thermally constrained applications as well as exceptional power savings for low-power applications. 

New memory subsystem

The Cortex-A55 features an integrated, configurable L2 cache within each CPU that achieves more than 50% reduced latency for memory accesses. It contains an L3 cache that is shared across up to eight Cortex-A55 CPUs within a single cluster. This new memory subsystem, which is designed for high bandwidth, improves overall compute performance while also reducing system power.

State-of-the-art architecture

With support for the ARMv8-A architecture, the Cortex-A55 processor is backwards-compatible with existing software and comes with a wealth of existing ecosystem support, from tools to Operating Systems. It also features the latest architecture extensions that introduce new NEON instructions for machine learning, advanced safety features and more support for Reliability, Accessibility and Serviceability (RAS).

DynamIQ big.LITTLE

The Cortex-A55 processor is designed to be compatible with the Cortex-A75 CPU for DynamIQ big.LITTLE, the next generation in big.LITTLE technology. DynamIQ big.LITTLE offers support for new CPU configurations, such as 1xbig + 7xLITTLE and 1xbig + 3xLITTLE, that achieve superior area efficiency, while delivering exceedingly high performance for richer, immersive experiences on all touchscreen-based devices.

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